Action Required

Pursuant to your contract with Clearwave Fiber, information is needed to properly assess the taxes and surcharges associated with your service.

Please note that you must submit a response for each Clearwave Fiber product or service listed on the second page of the mailed notice you received.

Select a response from the choices below to confirm whether your services with Clearwave Fiber are used for more than 10% interstate traffic (i.e., transmissions that originate in one state and terminate in another state).

Please note that if Clearwave Fiber does not receive a response to this inquiry by September 14, 2023, we will base the assessment of taxes on usage of the Clearwave Fiber service that is more than 10% interstate traffic.

If your company is exempt from any taxes and surcharges that may be applicable to purchased services, please submit any exemptions along with this form.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 877-293-2973.

Assessment Form