Best Things to Do After Getting Fiber Internet

February 27, 2023 — So, you’ve made the right choice, switched to Clearwave Fiber’s high-speed Fiber Internet, and already experiencing faster downloads and improved reliability while you’re online.

You may be wondering about some of the best ways to enjoy your new Fiber Internet connection.

Well, there are several things you can do to make the most of Clearwave Fiber’s Fiber service and improve life in your home or business. Faster, more reliable Internet opens doors to great entertainment, more efficiency and even cost savings.

From getting rid of cable TV and enjoying streaming entertainment to living more efficiently through smart technology and staying better connected to loved ones, Fiber Internet provides a new world of convenience and amenities right in your home or business.

Below are some ideas and suggestions to make your new Fiber Internet work for you!

Cancel Cable and Cut the Cord

Now that you’ve switched to Fiber Internet, you no longer need cable – or any additional devices, wiring, and clutter that takes up valuable space in your home or business. And you certainly don’t need its extra bills, either. So, you can now cancel cable for good!

And we’re not just talking about canceling cable Internet service, but cable television service, too. Many streaming services are available for watching your favorite shows and movies online, even live news and sports. And with Fiber’s quality and dependability, you can enjoy streaming them as you did with cable TV.

Sign up for Streaming Services

Since your Internet connection through Fiber-optic technology is faster, more consistent, and more reliable than ever, it’s time to take advantage of streaming services and outstanding entertainment available to you.

Hulu keeps you up to date on your favorite shows, both current and classic, while Disney+ streams old Disney films and new entertainment hits.

You’ll be hard-pressed to exhaust the number of movies and TV shows available to stream today.

You can select one of many live TV streaming apps available, too.

With a live TV streaming service like YouTube TV, FUBU, or Sling TV, you can watch live television programs, real-time breaking news and analysis, and live sports and games. If you own a business and have a waiting room or lounge, simply set up a smart TV and your customers will be entertained while they wait!

Stream Music Anywhere in Your Home or Business

Streaming entertainment includes more than just movies, TV shows and live sports.

Today’s technology lets you fill your home or business with music through streaming music apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music. These apps let you create playlists of all kinds. Mix your personal “greatest hits list” from a particular artist, or select a playlist from a specific music genre, whether yours is rock, classical music, country, or all the above!

These apps can also introduce you to new artists and songs you may have never heard. They also create lists of music the app “thinks” you may enjoy based on your prior selections and preferences. And you can ask these apps to shuffle songs from your favorite bands to listen to while you multitask!

Use Smart Devices and Set up a Smart Home

You’ve made the smart choice to switch to Fiber Internet, so why not use more smart devices?

“Smart devices,” even inexpensive gadgets like Amazon’s Echo Dot with Alexa, can really make your home more pleasant than before. For example, when you pair your Echo Dot to your Spotify account, you can say, “Alexa, play songs from The Eagles.” Before you know it, you’ll be living it up at the Hotel California!

But don’t stop with these smart devices!

You can make your entire home a “smart home” and far more efficient. For example, smart thermometers can monitor air temperature and even humidity in different rooms in your house.

They can also adjust their temperature based on times of the day and other conditions, saving you around 30% off your energy bills, according to the EPA!

Also, consider smart lighting devices, which do more than save you money – they can also make your home’s atmosphere more appealing.

Use Video Conferencing Apps to Talk to Friends and Family

Having a phone conversation can be rewarding, but it cannot beat the joy of seeing a loved one’s face and smile.

With faster Internet through Fiber technology, you can experience more than just a person’s voice through conversation. Using apps like Zoom or FaceTime can make you feel like you’re in the same room with your friends and family. If you’re a business owner and need to have meetings online with clients or remote employees, our Fiber network is reliable and fast!

Leverage Fiber Internet’s Speed and Reliability for Your Business

If you’re running a business, you know how important reliable Internet can be to your success. A great connection helps you and your employees be productive and creates a great experience for your customers.

If you run a company where clients sit in a lounge area (like a physician’s office or barber shop), use Fiber Internet to stream music so visitors can relax while they wait. Or install TVs and stream shows or sports to keep them entertained.

The above suggestions and recommendations are just some of the many ways Fiber Internet makes life more convenient and fun. So, try them out and keep exploring!

And for more helpful tips about how Clearwave Fiber’s high-speed Fiber Internet can make your home more livable or your business more productive, follow our social pages!

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