Commercial Multi-Tenant Internet Solutions

Clearwave Fiber Internet is the reliable, premium choice for your commercial property. Learn more about how we can help you transform your Internet service.

World Class Technology and Industry-Leading
Multi-Tenant Internet Solutions, Delivered Locally

Clearwave Fiber has a proven track record of success serving commercial properties of all types including outlet malls, office buildings, retail strip malls and more. We continue to invest in our leading-edge Fiber network, and we’re personally invested in the businesses and communities we serve. Our team lives and works here, too!

Residences that need multi-tenant internet solutions

Existing Properties

We can overbuild your existing commercial property with our 100% Fiber-optic network, providing the most advanced technology and super-fast, reliable speed.

New Construction

With great developer programs available, choosing your Internet provider will be the easiest decision you’ll make. We offer solutions for the communication needs in your new construction and development along with more value-added benefits than any other provider.

Fiber Internet Benefits Both
You and Your Tenants.

Make your properties more attractive, while giving tenants a superior Fiber Internet experience with Clearwave Fiber. That’s something everyone can get behind.

Unsurpassed Reliability: Fiber-optic based services are less likely to be impacted by electromagnetic interference or environmental factors ensuring a more reliable connection.

Improved Tenant Satisfaction: Offering 100% Fiber Internet services to your prospective tenants can potentially make your property more attractive and improve their overall satisfaction and give you the competitive edge in the rental market.

Shorter Installation Windows: Collaboration with Clearwave Fiber during the construction process allows our network to be installed in a multi-tenant unit while it’s being built. Developers will already have lines in place when a tenant wants to activate service for high-speed Internet and voice services. Our local teams are often able to complete the setup and turn on 100% Fiber for your tenants’ units within 30 days.

All of this with exceptional, accessible, local customer support you and your tenants can count on.

Fiber can help your property become a cut above the rest!

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