Clearwave Fiber is Coming to Your Neighborhood!

Soon, you’ll see our construction crews in your area. They’ll be installing the access cabinets and underground conduit necessary to deliver superior, 100% Fiber Internet service to you and your neighbors.

Review our FAQs below to learn what you can expect from the construction process.


Fiber-optic enables delivery of the fastest, most reliable Internet speeds to support the growing number of connected devices your family needs to work, learn, surf, game, and stream entertainment. Clearwave Fiber installs Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network, which is considered the ‘gold standard’ delivery of Fiber Internet and is currently enjoyed by only 15% of homes in the U.S.

Our Clearwave Fiber Construction team is focused on deploying leading-edge fiber technology to your community while minimizing disruption to you and your neighbors. We work with the utility companies in your area to identify the location of water, gas, and electrical supply lines. To ensure that we can avoid impacting these utilities, please do not remove the flags. Our team will take care of that once construction is complete.

Because your sprinkler and/or electric pet fence were installed by a private company, not a public utility company, we need your help in identifying where these lines are located. We highly encourage that you or your service provider mark the locations of sprinkler and or electric fence with flags in order to avoid any accidental line breaks.

For everyone’s safety, markers and paint should remain in place until network installation is complete.
Clearwave Fiber has the legal right to access the designated utility easements typically located within a strip of land running along the street, sidewalk, the rear lot line, or between two lots. If the easement is within a fenced-in yard, crews will need your help accessing the area.

Main conduit will be placed approximately 3 feet underground. Connections between individual locations and the main line are typically placed no more than 1 foot underground.

Construction projects vary in length based on the size of the neighborhood or community, the layout of the streets, etc. Our teams will work as quickly as possible.

Yes! You can submit your pre-order here and hold your spot in the installation queue.

While our Clearwave Fiber Construction Teams will make every effort to minimize disruption to you and your neighbors, we know that mistakes sometimes happen and we are here to help. Construction-related property concerns should be reported by calling the help line for your state:

Georgia/Florida:  866-531-9276
Kansas:  913-586-8008
Illinois:  800-913-7254