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Intro to Clearwave Fiber

Learn more about Clearwave Fiber from General Manager John Robertson.

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet is an innovative technology that’s replaced traditional phone and cable lines to bring an ultra-fast gigabit connection to your home or business.

Fiber Networks Bring You the
Internet at Light Speed

Stream, shop, surf, game, and more…
all at the speed of light on a 100% Fiber network.

What Makes Fiber
Internet Different?

Fiber Internet has many benefits, including lightning-fast speeds, no limit on devices online at once, and superior bandwidth and reliability.

How Internet Speeds Work

What do all those speed numbers mean when selecting an Internet provider for your home or business?

Fast & Reliable Internet
Solutions for Business

Secure, reliable, high-speed Fiber Internet from Clearwave Fiber can optimize your business’ performance while maximizing your bottom line.

Fiber is the Network
of Tomorrow, Today

Fiber Internet is the thread that ties technology together, enabling us to connect in almost all aspects of our daily lives.

Easements Explained

Fiber networks utilize easements to build the infrastructure to bring the Internet to you.

How Is Underground
Fiber Installed?

Ever wonder how an underground Fiber network is installed? Find out by watching this video.

We’re Connected to the
Communities We Serve

Check out how our local associates are involved in the communities where we live and work.

The Stages of Aerial Fiber Construction

Our Aerial Fiber is installed in four stages, bringing you the Internet on a 100% Fiber network.

How to Set Up a Roku

Learn how to stream music, TV shows, movies and more with a Roku.

How to Set Up an
Amazon Fire Stick

Find out how to set up an Amazon Fire Stick to stream games, your favorite TV shows and movies, and more.

Manage Your Network
with Our App

The Clearwave Fiber Wi-Fi App lets you conveniently manage your home Wi-Fi network – it’s simple, easy to control and worry‑free!

How to Replace Cable TV
and Stream with MyBundle

Cutting the cord doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing. Stream live TV, sports and more with a customized MyBundle plan.

Internet Safety Tips

Learn about the Internet security steps you can take to protect yourself, your family and your business online.

Fiber Networks Help
Businesses Succeed

Broadband networks are crucial to helping businesses develop and grow.

The Necessity of Reliable
Broadband Internet

High-speed Internet is not just a luxury – it’s a necessity. A fast and reliable connection is a must-have for homes and businesses.

Fiber Networks Are Ideal
for Multi-Dwelling Properties

Learn why Fiber helps make your multi-dwelling property more attractive to tenants.

Digital Resources

100% Fiber delivers fast, reliable Internet service to your home or business.
Feel free to browse our library of helpful information on the many benefits of Fiber.

Fiber Connects Communities

Residents and businesses in small towns, big cities and rural areas all benefit from having Fiber Internet available. Here’s why!

Nothing Beats Fiber Internet

We do the math for you on this stats sheet about Fiber. From high speeds to economic impact, read on for some positive facts about Fiber Internet.

Why Fiber for Business?

If you own or manage a business, you know how important it is to have fast, secure and reliable Internet service. Read about the benefits of Fiber for companies of all sizes.

Internet Speed Explained

The activities you typically perform on the Internet determine the speed you need. Learn more about the ups and downs of internet speed.

Is Your Wi-Fi Slow?

Many factors can affect the speed of your Wi-Fi. Review this checklist to determine what could be impacting your network’s performance.

Stages of Constructing a Fiber Network

Building a 100% Fiber network requires multiple steps, from in-depth planning and marking utility lines to splicing lines and more.

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