Five Websites Every Work-From-Home Employee Should Check Out

February 10, 2023 — Over the past several years, the remote working and work-from-home movement has boomed. Even before the global COVID-19 pandemic forced millions to work out of their homes, more and more employees were making the switch from the commute-and-office lifestyle to the improved flexibility of remote work. Indeed, some experts estimate that 70% of the workforce will work remotely at least five days a month by 2025.

As the work-from-home trend gathers steam and more people enjoy the conveniences of remote work, innovative ways are being developed to increase productivity and improve staff connectivity and team building.

And with the reliable high-speed Fiber Internet delivered by Clearwave Fiber, work-from-home employees can be confident that their Internet will support their careers as well as if they were in an office complex.

How can you maximize your work-from-home efficiency? And what online tools and applications are available to improve your remote work experience?

Below we present several websites and applications that may help any remote work employee make the most of their at-home workspace and environment.

If the office din, structure, and feeling of being a part of a team while you work individually from home is appealing to you, check out Caveday helps establish Zoom-based chatrooms called ‘caves,’ in which you can check-in with your fellow work-from-home employees, set up tasks and timers, and receive reminders for work progress and even when to take breaks. In essence, Caveday simulates an office work environment for work-from-home individuals. Caveday offers plans at different price points, but you can also test out its free 7-day trial first before committing.

To help fill up the silence that can build up over the course of a work-from-home day, provides unique music and soundscapes to play in the background as you work away. But is more than just a streaming radio station or playlist. It utilizes neuroscience for its offerings to facilitate more concentration, focus, and even stimulation, so you can keep working productively while you’re on your own.


Evernote takes the seemingly mundane tasks of notetaking and scheduling to savvy new heights. Its innovative document search and organization features greatly improve efficiency and the quality of your drafting. More than just a productivity or project management app, Evernote is loaded with features that connect you to fellow app-users and facilitate and maintain teams to help keep everyone on task and on time.


With its sleek interface and powerful features, OmniFocus breaks new ground in task management and team organization software. We’re most impressed with OmniFocus’ cool to-do list, which helps keep you focused on your progress (and detects delays) for your most time-sensitive tasks at hand. OmniFocus also keeps you connected across all your devices (both Windows and Apple products), as well as to your fellow team members from wherever they happen to be working.

We Work Remotely

There are numerous websites that help remote workers find jobs, and you can and should search through many of them for your next gig or career move. But we believe We Work Remotely (WWR) stands out for its enormous jobs posting board (around 25,000 all-remote job listings!) and its connections to some of the pioneers of the work-from-home movement. Job seekers can create a free account to access all of WWR’s listings, which are conveniently broken down into many categories of remote work—a feature that makes searching for new jobs much easier.

One thing we know for certain: the work-from-home trend is here to stay. So be sure to check out the above apps, programs and websites to see how you can make your remote working experience even better.

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