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Clearwave Fiber Continues Network Expansion in Gardner, Kan.

(Kansas City, Mo.) – Dec. 28, 2023 – Clearwave Fiber has made significant progress constructing its state-of-the art, all-Fiber Internet network in Gardner, Kansas, and is on track to complete the project ahead of schedule. Clearwave Fiber was the first company to offer 100% Fiber Internet in the area and thousands of residents are now able to receive the most advanced internet technology available.

“We’re proud to have been the first provider to bring fiber internet to Gardner,” said Clearwave Fiber’s Midwest Region President Charles Lawrence. “Thanks to the efforts of our construction crews and the ease of working with local officials and businesses, we’ve installed hundreds of customers in Gardner on our 100% Fiber network, installed and serviced by our exceptional local customer support team.”

Featuring gigabit download and upload speeds, Clearwave Fiber is bringing 10 times more speed to consumer doorsteps at a time when fast, reliable Internet is critical to modern households and businesses. Remote work, streaming, gaming, smart home technology and multiple device connectivity all require robust, reliable connections. Clearwave Fiber is committed to providing a hassle-free, high-quality Fiber data connection to every location in its growing footprint.

Since breaking ground in Gardner, Clearwave Fiber has constructed 100% Fiber Internet to nearly 3,000 homes and businesses in the area. When complete, the project will provide services in the region to more than twice that amount. Gardner residents can check the availability of Clearwave Fiber service at their address and schedule their conversion to Fiber Internet by calling 866-404-3751 or by visiting

“Clearwave Fiber is providing the critical infrastructure necessary for our community to compete in a global digital economy,” said Jason Leib, President & CEO, Gardner Chamber of Commerce.

“Without sufficient internet infrastructure to satisfy demand driven by the rise of social media, streaming entertainment, and other cloud-based technologies, our community would no longer be able to enjoy the best educational, business technology, healthcare, and economic development opportunities as well as overall quality of life. Clearwave Fiber’s growth in Gardner broadens access to this critical service,” Leib said.

Clearwave Fiber has also been involved with many organizations in the community. “Connecting our customers and communities is at the heart of everything we do. We are more than just an Internet provider; we believe in making an impact and giving back,” said Kala Maxfield, Regional Director, Kansas.

Clearwave Fiber has built almost 10,000 miles of Fiber in the Midwest and Southeast United States on its way to bringing the fastest and most advanced Internet to more than 500,000 homes and businesses by the end of 2026.

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About Clearwave Fiber
Clearwave Fiber is an internet service provider that operates a more than 10,000 route-mile fiber network serving communities across the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States. With an emphasis on exceptional customer care and community engagement, the fast-growing company delivers advanced telecommunications solutions, providing fiber to business, enterprise and residential customers in Illinois, Kansas, Florida and Georgia. Committed to deploying 100% fiber internet service to 500,000 homes and businesses across the country by 2026, Clearwave Fiber employs more than 400 and is based in Savannah, Ga. Learn more at, Facebook, X and LinkedIn.


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