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Clearwave Fiber Safeguards Internet Service in the Southeast

Customers were back online soon after power was restored

VALDOSTA, Ga., Sept. 7, 2023 – When Hurricane Idalia stormed into the Southeast last week, local Internet provider Clearwave Fiber was prepared.

“We know the importance of connectivity, especially when severe weather hits. We monitored the weather, days in advance of the hurricane making landfall, and had a comprehensive emergency plan in place,” said Ashley Phillips, Regional President for Clearwave Fiber, a leading provider of 100% Fiber Internet to Georgia, Florida, Kansas and Illinois. The company operates a redundant Fiber-optic network with backup routes and alternate power sources to help minimize the effects of severe storms and other inclement weather.

The Network Operations Center houses equipment that operates our Fiber network.

Fiber Internet is designed to withstand the most challenging weather conditions. One key advantage is the burial of Fiber lines beneath the ground, protecting them from external weather threats. Fiber is shielded underground, unlike satellite, DSL, or wireless 5G, where exposed lines are susceptible to wind and rain.

“Staying connected is crucial, especially during emergencies. We’ve invested heavily in our construction techniques to minimize potential service disruptions, so our network remains as reliable as possible throughout the situation,” said Ross Benner, Vice President of Technology and Operations for Clearwave Fiber.

From keeping extra fuel for vehicles and additional inventory of critical equipment, Clearwave Fiber executed a plan during Hurricane Idalia that had been laid out well in advance. Technical teams worked ahead of the storm to fortify infrastructure, secure equipment, reinforce network facilities and implement many other preventive measures. The company’s Network Operations Center was fully staffed, 24/7, closely monitoring network performance before, during and after the storm so any issues could be addressed promptly.

Associates of the broadband company are considered essential personnel and were staged as close to the impact zone as possible in case of any damage to the network. “We had our team on standby to mobilize quickly in case any repairs were needed on our network,” said Benner.

Benner said Clearwave Fiber’s network endured through the storm, as expected. The main problem the company had to deal with was loss of commercial power. “We worked alongside the local authorities and emergency services to make sure our efforts were in line with the overall power restoration process,” Benner said.

Our engineers and other technical team members were on site handling our network needs before, during and after the storm.

Benner was appreciative of Georgia Power and the utilities personnel from surrounding areas who came to help, saying they did a remarkable job getting everything turned back on. “Once it was safe for us to go in, we got creative, driving gas out to keep our generators running and replacing our backup battery systems where possible,” said Benner.

John Robertson, Regional Vice President for Clearwave Fiber, said that the company takes pride in being a part of the fabric of the communities they serve throughout the Southeast. “We’ve been invested long before this storm, we’re here to support the community as it recovers, and we’ll be here long after. I appreciate the hard work of our team, and the patience from our customers,” said Robertson. “Hopefully, they saw our vehicles and technicians moving around the community as we worked to get them reconnected. We’re vigilant in protecting our network and our goal is to keep all our customers connected.”

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