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1 Gig Upload and Download

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  • HD downloading and 4k streaming
  • No contracts and no automatic price increases
  • Free Internet for 3 Months
  • Free Router
  • Free Installation

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Optimize Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home (up to 1 mesh extender as needed), conveniently manage your home's Wi-Fi experience, and protect all devices connected to your network with advanced parental control and security features – for only $10 more per month*

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Ken McCray

Ken McCray

Ken McCray

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Clearwave Fiber Difference

Everything you want and none of the things you don’t.

Superior Reliability and Bandwidth

Unlimited Internet on Unlimited Devices

Symmetrical Speeds for Equally Fast Uploads and Downloads

Exceptional Local Customer Support

No Contracts

No Data Caps or Overage Charges

No Automatic Price Jump After 12-Months

No Device Restrictions

There’s No Better Time
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Surf, stream, game, work, learn and shop at the speed of light, with fast, reliable Fiber Internet that keeps up with you.

Exclusive Launch Offer: Promotional offers advertised here are available for a limited time (until 5/5/24) in select locations for new Residential customers only and are subject to change. Taxes & fees not included. Promotional offer to add Internet service for $49.99/mo requires purchase of 1GB/1GB Internet speed. ‘Free Router’ represents a $10/mo credit to offset the monthly fee of the Clearwave Fiber Router. ‘Free Internet for 3 Months’ represents a 3-month credit towards 3 full months’ Internet service fee, and does not include any other fees, taxes, surcharges or other regulatory or governmental charges. ‘Free Router’ and ‘Free Internet for 3 Months’ offers require purchase of $49.99/mo 1GB/1GB Internet speed plan, and will be applied within 2 billing cycles. “Free Installation” represents a $99.00 credit which will appear on the customer’s first bill to offset the $99.00 one-time standard installation fee.