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Fiber Is for the Future: 3 Tech Trends that Will Demand More Bandwidth

Sept. 3, 2023 – In a span of just a few decades, our world has witnessed a technological revolution that has transformed the way we live, work and communicate. From the advent of personal computers and the Internet to the rise of smartphones and cloud computing, technology has developed rapidly in our lifetime.

But with each innovation comes a need for more Internet bandwidth that can handle the increase in data usage. That’s why the dial-up connection that powered your home just fine in the 1990s simply can’t cut it now that your house is full of smart TVs, smart home assistants, smartphones, tablets and computers.

Today’s digital ecosystem demands far more bandwidth than ever before. Traditional copper-based networks, which weren’t originally designed to deliver Internet, are already struggling to keep up with the surging traffic. That’s why Clearwave Fiber is proud to offer Fiber Internet, the only technology built for Internet and with plenty of room to continue scaling up bandwidth for homes and businesses.

This is only going to become more important as technology continues to evolve and require more bandwidth in the future. In today’s blog, we consider some of the new technologies on the horizon – exciting innovations that our Fiber is built to handle!

Superior Smart TV Resolution & Picture Quality

Though 4K HDR resolution remains the current top-of-the-line technology for most home entertainment television consumers, smart TV technology is evolving to out-do itself yet again. The next generation of hi-res televisions expected to hit markets in the coming years will be 8K – and its picture quality is as magnificent as you’d expect!

Also referred to as Full Ultra HD, 8K smart TVs pack a whopping 7620×4320 pixels – double the quantity of pixels that 4K can deliver. 8K resolution is almost unimaginably stunning, with brilliant, sharp imagery and color contrasts. Perhaps most impressive, 8K resolution allows smart TV manufacturers to increase the size of their products even more, taking the current industry standard of the already-huge 75-inch smart TV into the 82-to-98-inch range!

8K is not expected to be widely in use for the home entertainment market for another few years, but, once it’s more commonly available, you’ll need an Internet connection capable of handling the data necessary to bring it alive on your screen. Only Fiber has both the speed capabilities and generous bandwidth to pull this off reliably – and the ability to advance along with other changing technologies, as well.

Innovations to Virtual Reality Will Enhance Home Entertainment Experiences

Though Virtual Reality (VR) has been with us for a while, in many ways, this amazing technology is still very much in its infancy. And its applications in everyday life are expanding as well. Along with Augmented Reality technology, VR can take entertainment to new heights – and make people feel part of the experience, instead of merely being spectators.

Already a not-insignificant part of gaming and video entertainment, recent enhancements in VR technology are making it possible for users to “attend” live events through VR. In fact, over the next few years, the power of VR is expected to let fans truly experience the thrill and energy of live music concerts from the comfort of their own home! And beyond just their favorite artists’ individual concerts, music lovers can even feel enveloped by 360 degrees of immersion at national and international music festivals, too!

VR is also expected to enhance other kinds of live events. With cutting-edge VR devices, spectators can watch live sporting events and feel like they’re right in the stadium or arena, cheering along with tens of thousands of their fellow fans. More practical uses of VR are likely too, including creating “virtual conferences” and meetings, where participants will feel like they are part of their community or right next to their colleagues and coworkers at team meetings.

Again, only Fiber’s sophisticated technology can handle the enormous quantities of data necessary to make VR a reality in your home. Its download and upload speeds are faster than just about any other kind of Internet, and its bandwidth isn’t shared with other users in your community, which can slowdown or even freeze connections, greatly hindering VR’s incredible effects.

Rise of the Robots!

Though it may seem like something out of The Jetsons, robotic technology has advanced so greatly over the past quarter century that pretty soon, we’re all going to be seeing a lot more of them in our daily lives! And as robots continue to progress – and get even “smarter”– we will likely experience their benefits and conveniences more frequently, too.

Robot vacuum cleaners are nothing new, but they’re getting increasingly more intelligent and efficient. Engineers are taking their designs to the next level, developing robots that can mop floors and even clean windows! Home robot cleaners are also expected to become more integrated into smart homes, making these handy home robots more responsive to your needs and controllable by your smartphone, tablet or even your voice.

Other robots can help your family in more complex ways. Schoolchildren can take advantage of at-home robot tutors to facilitate learning and help them get over the speedbumps of learning deficiencies. Hailed by parents and educators alike, robot tutors can make reading, math and science more interesting, as children inherently enjoy interacting with these futuristic creations. They’ll even make completing homework assignments a lot more fun! The future portends greater advances in robot-facilitated education, including the use of robots as teachers’ aids in classrooms, too.

Robots are also expected to help meet another critical need in our increasingly isolated society – the need for companionship. Particularly important for seniors, robots’ “social intelligence” is advancing exponentially, forging connections between themselves and their human owners. Even robot pets are becoming more life-like, as well as more responsive to their owner’s care and affection.

These are just three examples of ways technology will continue to develop and demand more bandwidth in the years to come, which is why we believe Fiber is worth the investment. Clearwave Fiber is excited to keep your community connected for many years to come!

Stay ahead of the technology curve by switching to Fiber Internet, the future-proof Internet solution. Learn more about our business Fiber Internet packages and our Fiber home Internet services today

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