Dynamic IP Address Geolocation

Some websites or apps, such as Hulu, DirecTV, Youtube TV or fuboTV, use IP geolocation to determine your location. Clearwave Fiber does not provide IP geolocation services.

If you are experiencing location errors, we recommend that you reference support articles on the websites or apps causing the errors. Here are a few articles that we’ve found that may help you solve your issue:

In the event the support articles above do not help you resolve your issue with location-based errors, the below contacts can help you get assistance:

As an alternative, you can visit one or more geolocation provider websites and see which ones are reporting your location incorrectly. They may let you update your location directly with them, but this may not take effect immediately. Also, be sure you are not using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), as this will provide incorrect location data to the geolocation providers, and they will not be able to update your location. Here are some geolocation providers:

If you have a static IP address from Clearwave Fiber, you can search our Geofeed to make sure we’re posting the correct information.