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VoIP vs. Landline: What’s the Difference?

May 17, 2023 – Have you ever heard the term VoIP in relation to phone service? Read on to learn more about what it means and how it’s different than traditional phones for business.

Defining VoIP and POTS

VoIP stands for “voice over Internet protocol” (or voice over IP). It’s a method that utilizes certain technologies to deliver communications over IP networks. In layman’s terms, VoIP allows you to send and receive phone calls via the Internet.

Unlike traditional telephone systems (sometimes called Plain Old Telephone Systems, or POTS), VoIP doesn’t use twisted-pair copper wire to transmit signals. Instead, these phones are plugged directly into a computer or router, allowing them to use the same broadband connection that powers the rest of the Internet-operated devices in your business. When you use VoIP, there’s no physical exchange of sound waves through wires as there would be when using POTS.

In essence, VoIP is a phone line gone digital. Because it uses Internet connectivity to operate, VoIP can offer innovative features to make customers’ daily communications more streamlined and productive.

Why Choose VoIP

In addition to providing useful features, VoIP is incredibly fast. The biggest draw of VoIP is its low cost. Because all calls are directed via the web, VoIP is a much more affordable telephone solution than a traditional landline, especially when you compare the cost of the extra features.

Clearwave Fiber’s Hosted Unified Communications

Our Hosted Unified Communications solution is different than what most other VoIP providers offer. We  provide a white glove experience with end-to-end management of your hosted phone solution. Other providers may set your service up and then not manage it, whereby you may experience degradation of the quality of your calls that they don’t support. Our solution is complete. We install a dedicated circuit for your voice traffic, including on-premise equipment with firewall safety, plus phone sets managed by Clearwave Fiber.

We give you the ability to be accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. Your business can take advantage of integrated mobility and collaboration tools without the high cost of maintaining expensive equipment yourself. The service is easy to customize, allowing you to communicate more efficiently and effectively. You can count on expert installation, training, personal service and ongoing support for the quality of those calls.

Learn More

Our Clearwave Fiber team will do an assessment to determine what equipment and bandwidth you need for your business, keeping in mind your budget. We’ll then advise you on how to best utilize our Hosted Unified Communications features to fit the size and capacity of your operation. Businesses from small to large can take advantage of our multitude of customizable options.

To learn more about our phone service for business and the strong, reliable Internet service that powers it, click here or call 866-902-3880. We’re here to serve you!

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