100% Fiber Internet.
100% for Salina.

Internet speed and reliability you’ll love from people you can trust. 

Tanner Colvin

Meet Clearwave Fiber.

The need for strong, dependable Internet is more important than ever, and Clearwave Fiber is here to bring it to you! We are honored to deliver superior speed and reliability to the Salina area on our 100% Fiber network, installed and serviced by our exceptional local customer support team.

Tanner Colvin

Salina, Kansas,
We Love it Here!

We’re thrilled to partner with Salina and its surrounding towns to provide ultra-fast Fiber broadband service to your homes. With plans to fit your needs and budget and no contracts, data caps, overage charges or device restrictions, you can connect with confidence.

Our 100% Fiber network brings:

Superior reliability and bandwidth.

Symmetrical speeds for equally fast downloads and uploads.

Unlimited Internet for unlimited devices.

Fiber for Home.

Our high-quality Fiber Internet service is designed for the connected homes of Salina – powerful enough to support streaming, gaming, surfing, shopping, telehealth appointments, remote learning, video calls, transporting large files and more – all at once, all at the speed of light.

Tanner Colvin

We’re Committed To Salina.

Connecting our customers and communities is at the heart of everything we do. From local customer support to community involvement, we are here for Salina. We believe in truly making an impact and giving back to the people we serve – from active memberships in local Chambers of Commerce, to supporting non-profits and local events, we want to be more than just an Internet provider – we want to be a crucial thread in the fabric of the regions we serve.

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