Construction is underway to bring reliable, high-quality Fiber Internet to Salina!

The communities we serve are important to us and we want Salina residents to have a positive experience.  

With safety as our priority, our construction teams are focused on deploying leading-edge Fiber technology while minimizing disruption. We do our best to avoid property damage and take great care to clean up when construction is completed. We know that mistakes sometimes happen, and we want to make it right. To report any issues associated with your neighborhood build-out please contact us at 913-586-8008.

Following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive: 

How do you decide where to build? 

We work together with local authorities to obtain the required approvals and permissions for the build-plan. We pride ourselves on building throughout the city, not just specific neighborhoods that will be most profitable for our company, as some of our competitors do. We plan to invest millions of dollars in Salina to ensure the entire city has the most state-of-the-art technology available. 


When will you be in my neighborhood? 

In Salina, we have begun construction at the intersection of Republic and Ohio and will be working outward from there. 


How long will it take for construction to be complete in my neighborhood once you start? 

Although we can’t plan for extenuating circumstances, like weather, once we begin construction in a neighborhood, you can plan on 3 – 4 weeks from start to finish. 


Does Clearwave have the right to be on my property? 

The municipality owns small, specific portions of each property to be able to access and maintain city utilities. We work with the municipality to access these areas during construction. Usually, this area is 12 to 30 feet from the center of the street, sometimes to the edge of the sidewalk closest to your property. 


Can I remove these flags in my yard? 

Once our build plans are approved, public utility companies are notified and will identify and mark the location of water, gas, and electrical supply lines, with flags or temporary spray paint. To help avoid impacting these utilities, please do not remove these – we will take care of that after construction is complete. The temporary spray paint used is water-based and will go away with time. If you have private utilities like sprinklers, electric pet fence or septic, there is no need to contact us to let us know – we do our very best to work around them however if they are damaged please let us know and we will repair. 


Why are crews doing this work in the front yard instead of the back yard? 

We find it much less invasive to work through the front of the property, where there is less disruption to things like animals, gates, and fencing.  


Why is Clearwave using blue conduit, which plumbers say should be reserved for water lines? 

Conduit comes in many colors, and there is no restriction on which color should be used. You may see other colors we use, like black or orange, as we continue to build. 


Why are the boxes being used so large? 

With supply chain issues, we have had to use what was available. In some locations the large boxes are being replaced with smaller ones. 


Will you repair or replace my sprinklers if you damage them? 

Yes, please report any property damage at 913-586-8008. 


I’m concerned about construction crews not properly putting soil back into holes, especially where utility lines have been exposed. 

We take pride in cleanup after construction has been completed. If cleanup is not to your satisfaction, please call 913-586-8008. 


I’ve seen crews park a trailer in front of a fire hydrant or work without traffic control or signs. 

We have a safety inspector on site to ensure our crews are following proper precautions. If you see any crews operating unsafely, please call 913-586-8008. 


Why are crews working on odd days (Saturdays/Sundays) and at odd hours (very early or late at night)? 

Our crews should conduct most of their work between the hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If any work is done outside those hours, it should only be for restoring any property disruption or cleanup. We try not to work after dusk and not on Sundays. If you have concerns about safety, noise, or any other disruption outside those hours, please call 913-568-8008. 


Why are crews using trucks that are not properly marked with the business name and workers are not in a uniform with company logos? 

All our crews should have Clearwave Fiber signs on their equipment and wear safety apparel. If you notice any equipment or crews not wearing proper safety apparel, please call 913-568-8008.   

While construction is temporary, your enhanced Internet experience will be permanent, along with our support of Salina. Connecting our customers and communities is at the heart of everything we do. From active memberships in local Chambers of Commerce, to supporting non-profits and local events, we believe in truly making an impact and giving back to the areas we serve. We want to be more than just an Internet provider – we want to be a crucial thread in the fabric of the city. When our crews are long gone, we’ll still be committed to Salina. 

About Clearwave Fiber 

Clearwave Fiber is an Internet service provider that operates a more than 2,000 route-mile fiber network serving communities across the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States. With an emphasis on exceptional customer care and community engagement, Clearwave Fiber delivers advanced telecommunications solutions, providing fiber to business, enterprise and residential customers, committed to deploying 100% Fiber Internet service to 500,000 homes and businesses across the country by 2026.