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Clearwave Fiber on Pace to Exceed First-Year Goals for Expansion

November 2, 2022 — Savannah, GA — In January of this year, Clearwave Fiber began a mission to bring the world’s fastest, most advanced fiber internet service to more than 500,000 homes and businesses across the United States. The company has already made enormous strides toward achieving this goal and now passes in excess of 100,000 residences and businesses with its all-fiber network after just ten months of operation.

By the end of 2022, Clearwave Fiber will have brought its all-fiber services—capable of delivering the highest speed Internet possible—to the following markets:

  • Aviston, Ill.
  • Beckemeyer, Ill.
  • Bethalto, Ill.
  • Breese, Ill.
  • Carbondale, Ill.
  • Carrier Mills, Ill.
  • Desoto, Ill.
  • Dorris Heights, Ill.
  • Eldorado, Ill.
  • Godfrey, Ill.
  • Harrisburg, Ill.
  • Lake of Egypt, Ill.
  • Marion, Ill.
  • Mt. Vernon, Ill.
  • Murphysboro, Ill.
  • New Baden, Ill.
  • West Frankfort, Ill.
  • Desoto, Kan.
  • Lansing, Kan.
  • Salina, Kan.
  • Spring Hill, Kan.
  • Georgetown, Ga.
  • Hahira, Ga.
  • Hinesville, Ga.
  • Pooler, Ga.
  • Richmond Hill, Ga.
  • Rincon, Ga.
  • Savannah, Ga.
  • Tifton, Ga.
  • Valdosta, Ga.
  • Wilmington Island, Ga.
  • Windsor Forest, Ga.
  • Daytona Beach, Fla.
  • Jacksonville, Fla.
  • Lake City, Fla.

Now with more than 500 associates operating a 6,000 route-mile fiber network serving communities across the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States, Clearwave Fiber is exiting 2022 poised to scale and accelerate.

“I am incredibly proud of our team; they are the heart of this company and the reason we have grown at such a rapid pace,” said Clearwave Fiber CEO, David Armistead, “As we continue to serve new businesses and residents, our focus remains on the customer and product quality every step of the way.”

Featuring gigabit download and upload speeds, Clearwave Fiber brings 10 times more speed to consumer doorsteps at a time when the Internet is touching every facet of daily life and has never been more critical to households and businesses. Remote work, streaming, telehealth, virtual learning, gaming, smart home technology, and multiple device connectivity all require robust, reliable connections.

A 2022 study by Deloitte indicated nearly half of households include one or more remote workers and half of U.S. adults had virtual medical appointments in the past year. In addition, the Deloitte report noted that the average U.S. household now utilizes a total of 22 connected devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, game consoles, home concierge systems like Amazon Echo and Google Nest, fitness trackers, camera and security systems, and smart home devices such as connected exercise machines and thermostats.

All this connectivity requires the absolute best of Internet services—speed and reliability that only a pure-fiber delivery platform can offer. Clearwave Fiber is committed to providing hassle-free, high-quality all-fiber data connection to every location within its growing footprint.

Most Internet providers are attempting to meet this consumer demand using legacy DSL or cable systems. “Older copper wire and coaxial networks worked just fine for the technologies they were built to support. Copper lines are great for telephone calls and coax worked well for cable TV, but those networks cannot deliver the kind of bandwidth possible with fiber,” said Clearwave Fiber Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Lastinger. “Fiber optic technology is the future. Fiber networks are more durable, more consistent, and they move data at the speed of light. Best of all, our all-fiber network easily keeps pace with technology innovations, exponentially increasing demands for bandwidth, and evolving customer needs. The options are limitless.”

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About Clearwave Fiber

Clearwave Fiber is an Internet service provider that operates a nearly 6,000 route-mile Fiber network serving communities across the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States. With an emphasis on exceptional customer care and community engagement, the fast-growing company delivers advanced telecommunications solutions, providing Fiber to business, enterprise and residential customers in Illinois, Kansas, Florida and Georgia. Committed to deploying 100% Fiber Internet service to 500,000 homes and businesses across the country by the end of 2026, Clearwave Fiber employs more than 500 and is based in Savannah, Ga. Learn more at, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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