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Clearwave Fiber!

Our mission at Clearwave Fiber is to provide exceptional Fiber optic Internet service and customer support to the communities we serve. As part of this transition, we’re pleased to introduce you to your enhanced billing and payment experience.

User ID and password required for login. Look for an email from CustomerSupport@clearwavefiber.com containing your User ID and password.

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In January of this year, Hargray Fiber and Clearwave Communications were merged into a new company, dedicated to deploying the best internet technology the industry has to offer to our existing customers as well as thousands of new locations across the country. The Clearwave Fiber name and brand were developed to represent that newly formed entity.

Yes and no. While Clearwave Fiber was indeed formed in January of this year, it has your legacy local Hargray service and support teams as its foundation, and the same dedication to our customers and communities remains at the center of our policies and operations.

Hargray Fiber is now Clearwave Fiber! As part of this transition, all legacy Hargray Fiber customers will enjoy an enhanced billing and payment experience.

Customers will no longer have access to the Hargray Customer Portal after October 13 and will begin being transitioned to the new billing system and account management platform on or about October 20.

The main differences will be the appearance of the new Clearwave Fiber brand, the layout of your invoice, and your account number(s) will change. We are also moving all customers to an enhanced customer portal that will make accessing your account, viewing your bill and making payments easier.  Here is what will change:

877-293-2973  is the main number for Clearwave Fiber.  Please use it to reach us going forward for any needs you may have.




Our Understanding Your Bill reference guide includes helpful notes and highlights commonly used billing information.


No. You will no longer be able to access the portal after October 13.

You can manage your account, view, and pay your bill in the Clearwave Fiber eCare system

Once your account has been migrated to the new system, you will receive an email from CustomerSupport@clearwavefiber.com with your login ID, a temporary password and a link to sign in and access your account. Step-by-step instructions are provided in our Managing Your Account with eCare reference guide.

No. You’ll need to use your eCare login and password.

No. To ensure your privacy, auto payment information was not transferred from the legacy system into the new Clearwave Fiber experience. To continue to avoid late payment penalties by ensuring convenient, on-time submission of monthly payments, please re-enroll in auto-pay in the Clearwave Fiber eCare system.  Since you will have a new account number, remember to please also contact your banking institution to let them know of the account number change.

If you need to submit payment for this invoice, please avoid any late fees by sending a check to:

Clearwave Fiber
P.O. Box 100329
Columbia, SC 29202-3329

Absolutely. To avoid late payment penalties by ensuring convenient, on-time submission of monthly payments you can enroll in auto-pay in the Clearwave Fiber eCare system.

  1. Select the eCare Login button at the top of this page.
  2. On the Welcome panel, find the ‘Invoice Payment and Delivery Settings’ section and select Enroll.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Managing Your Account with eCare reference guide to complete your auto payment enrollment.

Unfortunately, our customer service team cannot set auto-pay up for you due to security reasons.

If you have any issues with portal registration or have questions about your account or bill, please contact our customer service team at 877-293-2973 or email ResidentialCustomerSupport@clearwavefiber.com or BusinessCustomerSupport@clearwavefiber.com. Our team members will be happy to help answer any questions or walk you through the process.